Violetta Lonati

Short info

Assistant professor at the Computer Science Department Assistant professor University of Milan (Italy), Department of Computer Science.
Degree in mathematics in 2001, PhD in Computer Science in 2015.

Since 2010 I've been working on computing education. I co-authored several papers in the field. I served as Associate Program Chair of ITiCSE 2020 and 2019. I'm co-chair of ICER 2021 lightning talks and posters. I serve as reviewer for ICER, SIGCSE, ITiCSE, ISSEP. I was member of the Program Committee of ISSEP 2018.

I’m member of the ALaDDIn research group (ALaDDIn is the Lab for Didactics and Dissemination on Informatics). We design and offer workshops to schools with the aim of introducing pupils to basic concepts in informatics. We developed a professional development program for teachers, and a course on computing education for grad students, including a unit on programming education.

I’m member of the International Bebras Board (Bebras is an international initiative aimed at introducing pupils to CS in a non-technical funny way) and I’m in the Scientific Committee of the Italian Bebras Challenge.

Research interests

Computer science education

  • introductory programming, especially focusing on studying and experimenting in classes the explicit use of notional machine, patterns for selection and iteration, variables' roles, and program comprehension
  • constructivism in computing education
  • professional development for teachers
  • K12 computing education

Formal languages and automata